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Kikki’sCelebrate Every Day’ Giftpack

Christmas is in a week and if you are still stuck for ideas head over to Kikki. They sell everything from diaries to handbags. With a wide range of organisation books as well as stationary, Kikki’s quirky and unique style is the perfect gift for your friends or family. Order some online today to get free express shipping worldwide before it’s too late! (I was suppose to post this 3 weeks ago, whoops!)

Lack of Colour' Hats

Whether its the first day of summer or the first day of winter where you live, a Lack of Colour hat is a must have for the upcoming season. A wide brim hat is perfect for a summer day at the beach. The summer colours would include the grey/white and light blue. However, a smaller brim hat completes any winter outfit. The winter colours generally include black and peach. Check out the website, the price range is between $45 and $99 and with Christmas coming up it is your perfect opportunity to ask your parents for one!

Arctic Monkey’s Release Australian Tour Dates

With the release of their new album, AM, Arctic Monkeys are heading to Australia for a quick tour! The tour starts next year on the 6th of May in Sydney. For now there are only 5 dates, but I’m sure that if all goes well they might even release more dates. Make sure to get your tickets at 9am local time on the 11th of December! Here are the dates:

1. Tue 6 May
Entertainment Centre
2. Wed 7 May
Entertainment Centre 
3. Fri 9 May
Rod Laver Arena
4. Sat 10 May
AEC Theatre
5. Tue 13 May
Perth Arena

Smoothie Bowl Recipe (not my photo)

Sometimes, having a smoothie for breakfast isn’t enough to keep you going until lunch. So, as a result the ‘smoothy bowl’ was created.  In the photo above, the smoothy is contained in a cup but the idea still stands the same. There is more ingredients used in a smoothie bowl to add more food for your breakfast. This usually includes granola, cinnamon and any types of fresh fruit to sprinkle on top! Here is a recipe to make your own smoothie bowl: (x)


1 Tbl oats

1 Cup frozen raspberries

1/2 scoop (about 2 Tbl) vanilla whey protein (I use Designer Whey brand)

1/4 Cup fat free Greek yogurt

1/2 small banana, sliced

1 t ground flaxseed

sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)


1. Spread your oats on a small baking sheet and toast them for 5 minutes in a 350°F oven until lightly browned and slightly crunchy.

2. In a blender, combine the frozen raspberries, protein powder, and Greek yogurt. Blend until completely smooth.

3. In a mug or bowl, begin layering your smoothie bowl. Spoon in the raspberry mix, then the toasted oats, sliced banana, flaxseed, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Enjoy!

Three Things Asos Learnt About Kate Moss (x)

1. When asked which fashion shoot of her career she had the most fun on, Kate said, ‘I always have fun when I go to work. It’s because I always work with the same people. We started at the same time, we came through together and we’re still working together. So to me, work is like hanging out with my friends… while getting the job done of course.’

2. According to Kate you should never match your nails to your lips. ‘I like a bit of a clash – and when you clash certain colours, it works.’

3. When she was asked to choose her favourite fashion decade, Kate said, ‘I like the 20s, 30s, 60s and 70s but I’m not so keen on the 80s. When my friend Fran [Cutler] threw an 80s party I was like, whose idea was this?! Someone was there in this hilarious Joan Collins wig. I mean, it’s funny, but it’s not a look I’d normally go for.’

Cameo The Label: Paint Box and Broken Flowers

Cameo’s most recent collection, ‘Paint Box,’ features a variety of black and white pieces as well as chilli print pattern. Cameo is typically a more formal label, so I’ve tried to find some casual pieces and some ‘dressy’ pieces! The ‘Aurora' Shorts and the 'Army of Me' Skirt are some items worth checking out. While the shorts can also be dressed up, their pattern allows them to be worn casually. Although, the skirt is more formal and very alluring. 

Cameo’s less recent collection, ‘Broken Flowers’ is definitely one of my favourite collections by the label. The clothing features items with mesh/netted pieces while being accompanied by a elegant flora pattern. Some of the stand outs for me are, The ‘Embers Skirt' and the 'Embers Dress.’

Although, overall my favourite piece is the ‘We Are Young' Dress. It is an essential for your wardrobe. Its popularity however, comes at a price. There are only a limited amount of the dresses left and I can't seemed to find the black and white one anywhere! Anyway, happy shopping!

Trending: Leather Shorts

If fashion icons Miranda Kerr and Alexa Chung are wearing leather shorts it’s definitely a must have item this season. Paired with a white tee and a black bag, these shorts can dress any outfit up! I have found some links to online stores where you can buy these shorts for you. Items similar to Alexa’s zipped leather shorts can be found at dotti and princess polly. While plain black shorts can be found at topshop, bardot and cotton on.

Mixtape Monday!

This is the second mixtape monday so far. Check out the playlist over here! As you can see all of these songs are from this year and they are all some of my favs! 

Shakuhachi Swimwear

A must have essential in every wardrobe, is a good pair of swimmers. It’s especially lucky that Shakuhachi has such great swimwear, but they are ALL on sale at the moment! The collection of bright coloured swimwear includes, ‘Aquatic’ bikini- shown above- (x/x) and ‘Rubber’ One piece. (x) And remember, you have to buy the bikini tops and bottoms separately! 

Happy Birthday, Alexa!

30 years ago today (5th of November 1989) tv presenter and model, Alexa Chung, was born! Today we celebrate her contribution to modern fashion and acknowledge her inspiring personality! (It sound like she’s dead!) Anyway, make sure to pick up her book on amazon as well! x